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      Decisions You Need to Make:

      What do you want to move?
(Plasma Cutter, Router, Endmill, Dremel Motor, Engraver, etc...

      How large of an item do you HAVE to manage

      How precise do you have to have it?
(Plasma Cutters don't need to be as precise as endmills)

      How much room do you have to store it once it's built?

      What type of power do you already have available?
(110v / 220v etc)

      How often will you use it?
(Probably twice as much as you think once it is build!)

      How essential is precision?
(will your job or just your pride depend on the results)


We just want to set some ground rules. This is only ONE way of many to build a robust semi-precise (it is home made, right?) cnc machine. We don't know what your going to use it for or what you want to get as an end result so don't think you will be able to use this as a grinder if the design only accomodates the precision needed to cut with a flame! There is no implied warranty or safety level on this article. We are not holding your hand in showing you the 'right' way to do things so please, let us know your thoughts. Everyone has one and there is normally a better one out there so we are open to hearing your thoughts - just drop us an email. Next, we found a lot of great sites dedicated to CNC building and hosting forums with members that have a wealth of knowledge - don't hesitate to ask them if you want a second opinion. Secondly, thanks for reading thru this as a fun adventure... Let's get going!

Quantity Description Estimated Price Intended Use Supplier Cost
3 {1/axis} Permanent Magnet DC Motor $50 Each Physically Move each axis E-Bay ? ~
3 {1/axis} Encoder $15 Feedback on Motor axis angular location E-Bay ? ~
3 {1/axis} Controller $40 Each Tell the motor when to turn Gecko ~
6 {2/axis} 3 ft Drill Rod $5 Each For axis guides MSC Direct ~
24 {8/axis} Caratridge Ball Bearings $? Each To roll along drill rod for smooth repeatable movement ? ~
24 {8/axis} Fasteners for Bearings $0.50 Each Capture Bearings to Slides ? ~
3 {1/axis} Ball Screw Assembly $20 Each Precise slide movement E-Bay ~