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ü      Unique, patent, stress-free locking disc hub
(The two tab swirl, not the cheap one!)

ü      Proven economical inlay system

ü      Made from impact resistant, recyclable polyporpylene

ü      Compatible with automated packing machinery
(Banded 27 per brick uon request)

ü      DVD Logo available upon request in large quantities

ü      Wide spine for high visibility in 'end on' racking

ü      DVD cases accomodate internal booklets up to 3mm thick!


Amaray® understands that DVDs are desireale but more fragile than they appear. They need to be well protected from rough transit or over-enthusiastic handling. This is why all Amaray® packaging is shock-proof and feature the Amaray® patented DVD E-Safe technology, which ensures the disc is held in place gently yet firmly and is not stress-damaged on release! The one and only Amaray® leads the market and sets the standard for all DVD packaging. The Amaray® name is the mark of quality and dependability. All cases feature literature tabs and a full outer sleeve for printed insert. Custom colors are available for volume order quantities. 5 1/4" x 7 1/2" x 9/16" . No DVD logo.

Quantity List Price Internet Price Quantity Price In Stock? Estimated S/H
4th Class Postage (lower 48)
1 Each $0.75 Each $0.50 Each $0.50 YES $ 2.00
Case 10 $0.75 Each $0.50 Each $5.00 YES $ 4.00
Case 27 $0.75 Each $0.48 Each $12.96 YES $ 5.50
Case 50 $0.75 Each $0.46 Each $23.00 YES $ 7.75
Case 75 $0.75 Each $0.44 Each $33.00 YES $14.00
Case 100 $0.75 Each $0.42 Each $42.00 YES $25.00
Case 500 $0.75 Each $0.40 Each $200.00 YES $75.00